Srinagar International Airport – Terminals


Domestic Terminal

Terminal 1 or Domestic Terminal as it name says hosts local and regional flights within the country.

On Hajj season, flights to Jeddah are accommodated here as the number of pilgrims in Jammu & Kashmir region is high (68.31% of the population is Muslim).

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International Terminal

Terminal 2 or International Terminal hosts the flights worldwide from Srinagar Airport.

Due to security matter, it is required that foreigners to register once arrival and depart.

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In the past, Srinagar Airport was several times used as a military airport due to some major conflicts which took place in Jammu & Kashmir region as the Pakistani War on 1947 or the Kargil War on 1999.

After the last conflict, on 2005, the Indian government gave the status of international airport to Srinagar Airport and since then it has been operating either international and domestic flights.

Nowadays the region enjoys of a peaceful period, even though the military corps are present in each corner, especially in the airport and public facilities, which makes security an important matter to not to turn a blind eye on it.

Connection between terminals

There is a shuttle service which connects both terminals.