Srinagar International Airport – Taxi

Since there are few options of public transport from Srinagar Airport, taxi is the current mean of transport to go from the airport to the city centre.

Aside from taxis, you can also ride auto rickshaws, even though they are not safe as taxis. They are ideal for short-distance trips. If you carry lots of luggage, then is not the most suitable option for you. You can negotiate fares with auto rickshaw driver.


Find your taxi outside the terminal building. They are located at the taxi lines.

Taxi companies

The following taxi companies serve Srinagar Airport and surroundings. See below some of the taxi companies:

- Snow Cab Radio Taxi (Tel. +91 01942432432)
- Tourist Taxi Stand (Tel. +91 90865 39992)
- Bharat Taxi (Tel. +91 96960 00999)
- Union Srinagar Taxi (Tel. +91 0194 2303927 / +91 1094 2303133)

Book a taxi

You can book a taxi in advance just to avoid queues and to make sure you’ll have a mean of transport straight to your destination once you get to the Airport.

If you are staying in a hotel or guest house in Srinagar, you can ask to get a taxi booked in advance.

Book in the Airport

You can order a pre-paid taxi in the airport.

Fares must be paid in advance at a desk in the Arrivals hall before riding a taxi. They are prefixed based on the location.

Taxi Fares

There is always a special surcharge for trips from the Airport, which will be up to each taxi company.

For more information, please ask to the driver which is the surcharge amount before riding the taxi.

The ride from Srinagar Airport to the city center may cost you around INR 550 and will take you less than 20 minutes.

Share a car

On the other hand, to get better prices, you can try apps such as Uber or the local car sharing app Ola.