Srinagar International Airport – Auto Rickshaw

The best option to move through Srinagar is the auto rickshaw. Though the city can be easily traveled on foot, you can choose to pick up an auto rickshaw to go anywhere you wish.

They are not as comfortable as the taxis, but you can move in a cheaper way. They are really suitable for short distance travels within the city.

Auto rickshaws are also available past midnight. As a tip, you should negotiate fares since they tend to charge double after 9pm.


You can pick it up outside any rail, bus station or in the street.

They are also in the airport, even though it is not really recommended to pick one if you carry heavy or voluminous baggage as you won’t have any space to place it and also it isn’t the safest way of transport neither, instead it is more recommended to ride a taxi.


INR 50.00 and no more than 100.00 within the city.

Few years ago, there was a regulation by the regional government regarding fares given the complaints of passengers for the surcharges, which every driver used to fix the minimum tax as wished and final fares were too different from one driver to other. Now the situation has changed, but we recommend you to negotiate fares anyway.


Shikara is a kind of boat made of wood and a typical mean of transport of the Kashmir region which locals use to as everyday transport for navigating through Srinagar old district and Dal lake.

You can ride one as it will be an unforgettable and romantic experience.


Find them at the pre-defined government rate cards nearby Dal Lake.


A ride in the Shikara for a 2-hour ride is expected to cost INR 800.oo (INR 400.00 per hour).

You can negotiate with the boatman the price (1 hour can vary between INR 200 - 250.)