Srinagar International Airport – Car Rental

See below the car rental companies available in Srinagar Airport:
- Srinagar Car Rental (Tel. +91 72989 65606)
- Kashmir Car Rental (Tel. +91 194 248 9966)
- Srinagar Airport Taxi (Tel. +91 092 44292442)


Car rental companies are in their respective booths in each terminal.

Online car rental

If you prefer you can book your car online through our search engine, it’s easy and fast to use!

Renting a car in Kashmir region – Tips and advices

- Kashmir region used to be in conflict in the past. Since the last conflict on 1999, there has been a calmed period, even though security measures are still visible with the presence of military corps in the airport, public facilities and throughout the region.

Government’s recommendation is to remain in the city centre and touristic zones as tourist’s security could not be always guaranteed in remote areas. It will up to your final destination to decide to follow this recommendation or not.

- In many cases, renting a car in India will usually include a driver. Our recommendation is to rent a car with a driver. A local driver could drive easily in difficult road conditions and has a wide knowledge of the terrain.

- You don’t need to pay for car insurance since in India is not prevalent.